Welcome to MEDIXX Ambulance Service

MEDIXX Ambulance Transport was founded by EMT's and Nurses with over 30 Years of experience in the Emergency Services Field. MEDIXX is a Non Emergent Ambulance Transport that provides medical transport for patients that require the assistance of a EMT or Paramedic Personnel.

As a Medical Transport company it is our mission to assure we always stand true to what we as a premier ambulance company believe in. You can always expect the following from the MEDIXX Team.....

Excellence in Service
Our team members will strive to assure our customers and referring providers will receive the highest quality service in a quick and efficient manner.

Excellence in Skill
Our team members will remain professional at all times and assure that they are current at a skill level to provide the best care for our patients.

Excellence as a Company
Our mission as a company is to provide the support, training, and leadership to our employees and managers in order to assure that we are the top performing AmbulanceTransport service in any area that we operate.